I have had quite a few emails/DMs lately from some of you interested in a session. I will spell it out VERY CLEARLY here so that I don’t have to keep saying it.

I am NOT currently offering private sessions UNLESS you have already proven yourself to Me.

If you want time with Me, whether for a simple foot worship session or to prove yourself, your ONLY option is to go to one of the many fetish events I attend.

In case you are nervous, or say “but I want privacy” :

All of the attendees are there for the same reason: they want session time with the lovely Dommes there. Foot fetish, torture, cbt, tease & denial, flogging, whatever it is, everyone is there for the same thing. Sessions can be either private or public in the venue, depending on YOUR level of comfort. I DO take that into consideration. As much as I enjoy flogging or humiliating someone in front of other people, if you want privacy I will respect that.


Some rules to keep in mind, whether we’re at a fetish event or in private:

I DO NOT EVER get nude or perform sexual acts. It’s simply not what I do.

I expect your session fee up front, first thing.

Always show proper respect. After all, I am your Superior in SO many ways. I expect to hear “please”, “thank you”, and you may address Me as Mistress, Goddess, or Ma’am.

Gifts are always welcome and encouraged. If you are unsure of what to get Me, I suggest checking out My wishlist on Amazon. If all else fails, or you simply cannot decide what to get Me, silver tequila, white roses, or size 7 shoes are good ways to please Me.


If you have any questions that I have NOT addressed in this blog, you may email Me at

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