My Birthday! Post #2

Oh. My. Goodness.

My birthday yesterday was AMAZING.  I slept in, and woke up to some intense birthday sex with My boyfriend. After that he surprised Me with brunch in bed 🙂 Of course, I deserve nothing less! After yet another romp, I indulged in some premium ganja and settled in to watch “The Wolf Of Wall Street” which My sweet friend Jessie Minx sent Me. Such a good day!

The night started with a lovely dinner with family. Caprese salad, baked potatoes, green beans, and perfectly grilled porterhouse steak. Of course, plenty of bubbly was on hand! My family dines in style.

After that, off to the bar to hang with My boyfriend and My besties. Plenty of drinks, laughter, and reminiscing. Then we went home to have some more bedroom fun before finally passing out at 3 am. WHEW!

Of course, you boys did your part to contribute to My great day! These are just a few pics from a few special gifts/guys. If you are reading this and you HAVEN’T sent My birthday gift yet, I am being ever so generous and will accept birthday gifts until MAY 27. Yep, a whole month. But the later your gift is, the less impressed I am…

My Birthday!

I’m a little late posting this but life has been quite busy. I had a BLAST at Exalted last week, TONS of flogging, foot worship, and more. I received lovely gifts from My playtoy Allen, a bottle of tequila and a new cane to beat some ass with 🙂

However, back to the point of this blog:


APRIL 27th

What do I want?

My primary gift want is giftcards. You may send them to

Your second option is to shop from My various Amazon wishlists. You can find them on My “Serve Me” page.

Your third option? Send a tribute via Niteflirt, Clips4Sale, Circlepay or Cashapp.

I will be accepting gifts until ONE WEEK after My birthday. Keep in mind, I pay close attention to who send and who doesn’t…