A much-needed update!

Well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated My blog but I’ve had quite a busy month. Between My vanilla job, family events, & injuring My hand, blogging hasn’t quite been a priority.

As I said before, I had a WONDERFUL birthday. I also have a few new pets serving Me. Ben has been obedient, subservient, generous, & knows his place. Here are just a few things that he’s done/sent… and yes, he got his own meme 🙂


On the other end of the spectrum, My good dog has been serving Me for 10 years now! Yes, that’s right, a whole decade. He is one of only three subs who has earned the privilege of getting My personal phone number for texting. Here are some of HIS latest tributes.


I LOVE showing off how My good boys are behaving. In return, those lucky subs get more of My time & attention. Incentive…

Now on to the painful subject of My hand. In a completely idiotic turn of events, I accidentally smashed it on a marble counter. It’s been a week, still painful & swollen. No broken bones but apparently I burst one of the large blood vessels which is causing the swelling/throbbing/pain. Don’t worry, I have good pain meds & I’m healing. But still, feel free to send a get-well gift or tribute.


One last note for this blog… Don’t forget that I now have an OnlyFans! Sign up to access exclusive content that won’t be posted elsewhere, as well as more explicit pictures of Me & My boyfriend.