Pay For My Life

As befitting My status as a Goddess, I’ll remind you:

I don’t pay for My life, you do.

If you wish to serve Me in a specific way,

I am currently seeking the following:

Bra/lingerie slave
Mani-pedi slave
Fetcon/Exxxotica item slave
Cig Slave
Coffee Slave
Date Night slave (for you cucks)


or you may choose to adopt a bill
Rent -$1200/month
Electricity – $100/month
Cell bill – $200/month (Myself & My partner)
Internet – $100/month
Car insurance/gas – $200/month


If your budget is on the cheaper side,  here are some options for you.
Netflix – $15.99/month (premium)
Hulu – $11.99/month
Coffee – $5/day
Cigarettes – $30/week
Breakfast – $5/day
Lunch – $10/day


Email Me for more information