Some of My good boys took the time to write about their experiences with Me. Some have served Me online, and some were lucky enough to have a realtime session with Me at one of My fetish events.

Take your time… read them. Perhaps you’ll realize that you’ve finally found your perfect Goddess to serve!

A testimonial from My good mexican perrito, who has ONLY served Me online: (note that English is not his first language, but he expressed himself quite well!)

“For so many years I was a secret admirer of Addicting Ally. Even if I wanted to approach her, I never thought I would be able to never be in contact with her because of my income and the fear of not being enough and provide all that she deserves. I didn’t approach her but also, I couldn’t stop seeing her tweets, posts and every day wanted to surrender to her. The addiction was beginning.

Finally one day I decided just to show my respect and not expecting anything from her but only her happiness, I send her a tribute. I was surprised by how fast she started to write and communicate with me. The first thing I could say is that She is 100% real and approachable if you follow her rules and show respect. I have seen lately that in this scene there are new “dommes” all over the internet that have no clue about what is a real and healthy BDSM relationship. When talking with Addicting Ally I could immediately see that for her is not all about the money but really about a connection. She truly is dominant and cares for the submissive. She knows what she is doing.

I always think that being dominant is more than just scream or call someone bitch. Is an attitude, it’s on her DNA. So far since my first tribute until today, I have bought 38 items from her Wishlist and paid for her pedicure and not even once she asked me to do it. I just did it because she deserves it. It became natural. I wish one day soon to be able to say that are hundreds of items!

Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I am able to talk with her and that my service, tributes, and notes makes her happy. I am on her radar! One thing I have learned to appreciate from her is her humanity. She doesn’t need to be mean or act. She needs to be who she is and even being nice it is impossible not to feel her superiority and become addicted Thanks for your patience, guidance, and power.”


Another from My good boy Keishan, who has served both online & offline:


“After serving Princess Ally online for a few months I finally got a chance to submit to her in person at Exalted. During my online servitude, she already had me completely enamored with her. She has a way of pushing your limits and compelling you to contemplate fetishes that you not only had never considered but actually found repulsive. To this day, I have no clue how she got me singing praises for her boyfriend’s dick, despite not being gay at all! If she was so powerful online, I shuddered to think how I would react to her presence.

The eventual meeting was even better than I had anticipated. After buying her a drink, we retreated to a private space where I was able to admire her gorgeous figure. First, she forced me on my knees before her where I belonged and then gently inserted her feet in my mouth. I could not get enough of her exquisite feet and they could not fill my mouth quickly enough. Afterwards, as we had previously discussed, she proceeded to beat me senseless with her paddles and floggers. I had asked for her to be rough, having experienced previous dommes who had failed to inflict enough pain for me to be subdued, and I received more pain than I had bargained for.

In between the stings of her whips, she carressed me gently while staring straight into my frightened eyes. I could sense how easy it was to fall in love with this woman. She is truly a force to be reckoned with! As our session drew to a close, I was already in the deepest stratosphere of subspace, unable to form complete sentences or stand up without my knees shaking uncontrollably. She opened the door and, as if I had not suffered sufficient humiliation, left me beaten and half-naked in full view of the other attendees. Like a puff of smoke, she was gone.”

Perhaps you’ll add your own to this page one day…